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National Brit Rock

#Top40Songs2012 by Sam Skilton
This is Noel Gallagher with an orchestra; with strings, choirs, and the powerful voice of one of Britain’s greatest rock stars going it alone. ‘Everybody’s on the Run’ was the Chief’s fourth single from his debut solo album ‘Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’, and one of the most popular tracks amongst fans. In his blog ‘Tales From the Middle of Nowhere’, Gallagher claimed that the video was worthy of a Bafta. “I played the part of a slightly hungover grumpy northern taxi driver which is just as well as that’s exactly what I felt like. I feel it’s some of my best work and most definitely worthy of at least one Bafta. That actress Mischa Barton was in it too. Nice girl. City fan would you believe!”
Released: 06 August 2012
Label: Sour Mash Records
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